e-Building Surveying

Our company provides a unique opportunity for clients who would like to have all documentation required for a building permit sent and received via email, in a “PDF” format. When a Building Permit is approved our system will electronically approve the relevant project documents that form part of the permit. This enables us to email at an instance the building permit and approved documents to you and your builder.

This is an efficient and environmentally friendly method which has successfully been proven. It cuts down the amount of time it takes until you receive your permit and it reduces the amount of paper used in the permit process.

We also support receipt of all projects documents in hard copy format. Upon approval of the building permit, all relevant project documents will be manually stamped “approved” and posted to you.

Fotia Group Building Surveyors specialise in providing the following services-

  • Building Permits, for the following buildings & structures –

Residential: New Dwellings, Multi-unit Developments, Residential additions, Residential alterations, Carports, Garages, Sheds, Decks, Verandahs/Pergolas, Retaining walls and In-ground swimming pools.

Commercial: Service Stations, Retail-New Shops & Internal Fit-outs, Restaurants, Offices, Community Buildings and Apartments.

Industrial: Warehouse’s & Factories

Demolition Permits (Residential & Commercial)

  • Mandatory Building Inspections
  • Building Regulatory Advice
  • NCC Compliance Reports
  • Occupancy Permits & Certificates of Final Inspection
  • Regulation Modifications
  • Regulation Alternative Solutions
  • Council Dispensations (Siting, Flooding, Build Over Easement)
  • Performance Based Assessments
  • Protection Work Advice
  • Public Precaution Assessments
  • Liquor License Compliance Reports as required by the Department of Justice
  • Bushfire Assessments & Construction Advice

We also provide assistance on obtaining the following services –

  • Fire Engineering Consulting

  • Residential Energy Reports and Section J Compliance Reports for Commercial Buildings

  • Design Development Consulting

  • Land Surveying – Title re-establishment surveys, Level and Feature Surveyors & Subdivisions.

  • Town Planning – New Applications and Advice

  • Disability Access Consulting



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